Welcome to A4 Funds …..

We provide a fast and efficient Administration and Accounting Service for Managed Funds, hence our name A (Administration/Accounting);   4 (for);  and Funds.

Our mission is to support emerging Fund Managers and their Trustees with Unit Register and Asset Cost Accounting services with a specialty in Crypto Assets of all types.  We provide investors with an easy to use online application form that interfaces with an international AML/CTF and KYC service.  As our software has been developed in-house, we have the ability to respond pro-actively to Manager and Trustee needs as required.  We are responsibly agile in meeting our client’s needs.

A4 Funds is a joint venture between two well established businesses, Non Correlated Capital Pty Ltd and Bardak Ventures Pty Ltd tas Business in Control.

Since the beginning in 2017, our funds administration activity has built a substantial client base and is growing rapidly.  An updated web site with more information is in the pipeline.

A4 Funds encourages its Fund Managers to use Online Application Forms for their investors.    Should it be required, a test application form can be accessed via this link: Form for Test Fund.