Welcome to A4 Funds …..

We provide a fast and efficient Administration and Accounting Service for Managed Funds, hence our name A (Administration/Accounting);   4 (for);  and Funds.

Our mission is to support emerging Fund Managers and their Trustees with Unit Register and Asset Cost Accounting services with a specialty in Crypto Assets of all types.  We provide investors with an easy to use online application form that interfaces with an international AML/CTF and KYC service.  As our software has been developed in-house, we have the ability to respond pro-actively to Manager and Trustee needs as required.  We are responsibly agile in meeting our client’s needs.

A4 Funds is a joint venture between two well established businesses, Non Correlated Capital Pty Ltd and Bardak Ventures Pty Ltd.

Since the beginning in 2017, our funds administration activity has built a substantial client base and is growing rapidly.

A4 Funds encourages its Fund Managers to use Online Application Forms for their investors.    Should it be required, a test application form can be accessed via this link: Form for Test Fund.